Hello and welcome to SCREETECH, where we deliver Carbon Reduction that makes Business Sense. SCREETECH is based on 10 years of finding opportunities and implementing solutions for carbon reduction through energy / fuel efficiency. Over that time, what’s become apparent are the key aspects of what holds organisations back and what enables them in selecting efficiency measures. From this experience we can recognise and invest in technology for Carbon Reduction that makes Business Sense.


Key questions to be answered are: Is it financially viable? Is it worth spending time on? Will it work for us? Is it easy to install and reliable? Is it environmentally friendly?


Solutions that make business sense have some ideal attributes:

  1. low investment and good financial returns
  2. they have high levels of savings that justify the management attention, project overhead and transaction costs
  3. they have low risk and a proven track record; this included being easy to install with little disruption to asset utilisation and no / low maintenance and servicing requirement
  4. there is an opportunity to demonstrate performance before investing so you can see they work for you under your operating conditions
  5. they are environmentally friendly and embody much less carbon in manufacture than they save in use, so you save more than cash and play your part in environmental protection


Watch this space for solutions that meet these attributes


Jim Stout

Founder and CEO