EU Coach Trial nears completion and Carbon Centre gets festive

Bus Trial in Dublin shows promising results

Preliminary data from an ongoing trial in Dublin, home town of ScreeTech CEO Jim Stout, shows savings around 6% in engine fuel consumption. This trial, across 10 double deck buses is using a year-long baseline and working to gather 6 months of trial data, comparing 5 vehicles fitted with WorldKlass IR Canister™ to 5 unchanged vehicles. This is the first trial in Europe and compares well to the results seen in the USA over the past 8 years. ScreeTech is in contact with several UK bus companies interested in the outcome with a view to availing of the free trial offer for first adopters. Net cost savings are over €2.5k per vehicle, for no upfront investment.

Watch this space for final results.

ECCI to host Edinburgh Festival Fringe Central

Jim Stout, ScreeTech CEO, joined the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation early in 2016 as a resident in the Idea Lab. ECCI provides policy input to the Scottish Government, develops global links for Carbon related education and commerce and supports many start-ups on their entrepreneurial path. This has been a great opportunity to engage and network with carbon and sustainability professionals. The Ideas “Labbers” are proactive entrepreneurs all working towards one planet sustainability and carbon reduction that makes sense for consumers and businesses alike.

Now it’s getting festive, as the “Fringe Central Hub” will be based at ECCI for 2016 due to the refurbishment of their usual home.  The Hub is for Fringe participants, members of the press or media, or arts industry professionals, and we can expect to see networking and professional development events throughout August. There is also space set aside for rehearsals so we expect to see a sample of the huge variety of people and acts that the festival draws to Edinburgh every year.