EU Coach Trial reports 5.9% fuel saving and NYC air gets cleaner


Dublin Coach Trial show 5.9% fuel saving



After 6 months, a trial of WorldKlass IR Canister™ at Dublin Coach, shows savings of 5.9% in engine fuel consumption. This trial used a year-long baseline comparing 5 vehicles fitted with the canister to 5 unchanged vehicles. The saving shown by the Dublin Coach trial is an important milestone in ScreeTech’s activities in Europe.

Working towards the goal of cleaner diesel, ScreeTech is in contact with several UK bus companies, interested in the outcome and the free trial offer for qualifying early adopters.

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Cleaner air



Garbage truck is what they call them over there. But whilst gathering municipal waste from the streets of New York City, the vehicles are pumping out NOx and particulate matter, impacting local air quality. Department of Sanitation New York has just completed a customer dyno trial on one of their trucks fitted with WorldKlass IR Canister™. On top of fuel reduction of 4.8%, this trial showed a 45% reduction in particular matter (PM).

This is expected from the cleaner, more complete combustion achieved using the patented InfraRed process. These results are great news not only for New York, but for the many urban areas failing European Air Quality standards.

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