Fuel Reduction Product on Double Deckers

Just back from Dublin where 5 WorldKlass IR Canisters were fitted to Neoplan Skyliner double deck coaches with MAN engines. Five further vehicles will be acting as controls in this free trial. The specific fuel consumption data has been gathered for 9 months in advance of the trial, as WorldKlass insists on good data in order to demonstrate fuel reduction.

WorldKlass Technologies CEO and an installation expert where in town to perform the fit-out. A local hose doctor / technician was on hand to assist and get trained in fitting the product. After a bit of learning and tweaking the installation kit, the fifth unit was installed and the vehicle back running within 45 minutes. Checking in a few days later, no issues have been reported. The fuel and distance data will be monitored on a weekly basis and results reported in around 3 months time.

The trial installation has shown commitment to getting the product into Europe and a professional approach to establishing a baseline, optimising the installation process and good follow-up.

Pics to follow