Founded by Jim Stout, a carbon management expert with extensive experience in programme management and engineering.
ScreeTech was established to identify the most effective carbon saving technology on the market that not only delivers results but makes good business sense.

The WorldKlass IR Canister™ is the first product of its kind that ScreeTech are proud to be taking to the European market. Already proven in the USA, The WorldKlass IR Canister™ meets all of ScreeTech’s qualifying product criteria

  • Low investment which delivers big results
  • Try before you buy and experience the results for yourself
  • Affordable price based on the savings you make
  • Low risk with a robust proven track record
  • Doesn’t use more carbon than it will save

ScreeTech is determined to source and identify carbon saving products that make good business sense and deliver significant money and carbon savings.

Jim StoutOwner ScreeTech

Jim has spent almost 10 years leading a large portfolio of carbon management and compliance programmes. His expertise as a Senior Consultant and Carbon Manager is in developing opportunities to reduce energy, and specifically within the transport industry.

Jim’s experience combines the expertise and skills of a senior engineer, carbon manager and programme manager, giving him an unparalleled ability to deliver business critical technology and implement effective energy efficiency practices, whilst considering all aspects of the business.

Based on his background and expertise in carbon management, Jim understands the consequences and opportunities it creates for businesses. Jim experienced first-hand the importance of having a strong business case for introducing carbon reduction policies and practices within a company, and the importance of delivering tangible benefits and results for the company.

As a Senior Consultant for £20M portfolio of Carbon Management projects, Jim worked with organisations to develop and meet their low carbon aspirations while ensuring they were compliant with growing carbon legislation. Working across multiple sectors including Commercial Property, Data Centres, Public Transport, Healthcare, Utilities Infrastructure, Retail, Jim has worked internationally throughout Europe and North America. Critically, Jim was responsible for the profitability of the portfolio, its quality and compliance. It is this unique balance and experience of profitably turning opportunities into financial and carbon savings, whilst ensuring companies are compliant, that inspired Jim to found ScreeTech.